Professor Stuart Khan

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The UNSW Global Water Institute (GWI) Drinking Water Management and Extreme Weather Events program is led by Prof Stuart Khan in the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering. This program has completed a number of national and international projects relating to understanding water quality impacts that may occur as a consequence of extreme weather events. Extreme weather events, which may impact water quality include: 

  • Bushfires (wildfires) 
  • Heavy rainfall and floods 
  • Superstorms and high winds 
  • Drought 
  • Extreme heat 
  • Unseasonable extreme cold 

This program has a number of established collaborators, including Hazen & Sawyer (USA), Griffith University and Water Futures (Australia). Project funding has been provided by the (US) Water Research Foundation and Water Research Australia (WaterRA), we well as a wide variety of water industry partners.  

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